Monday, December 27, 2010

Women and Jesus

Yesterdays 26th December's 'The Age' had an interesting piece by Lesle Cannold called 'The Da Vinci Sisters'. In it she explored Jesus relationship with women and how it was counter cultural to a degree. A couple of things of note::
  • 'Joshua' was probably Jesus name. Funny I've never heard of this before, I wonder where she got this information from? Interestingly she uses this name throughout the article, I wonder why?
  • Quotes from the book of Thomas, always interesting when 'non-canonical' sources are used. But Thomas is a good one, it been one of the older documents around.
  • A good point made, Jesus brothers are mentioned but not his sister, out of good probability there would have been at least one. How he related to his sisters would have been of real interest.
  • Writing a book which will be published in April, 'The book of Rachael', presumably about Jesus sister'. I think there is a lot to gain by imagining what Jesus would have been like.
  • What sources did she use? Crosson? Borg? Albert Schweitzer? As I've come to understand the understanding of the 'Historical Jesus' is of up most importance of what you believe, and in Leslie Cannold's case what you write and want people to take in.
If I remember I'll try to pick up a copy of the book. Great to read a thought provoking article in 'The Age'.
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