Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aldi's and Carbon imprint

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I was really impressed the other day when I read about a new initiative in Aldi's to label some of its products with the amount of Carbon used to produce them and them to the shops.

Here is the blurb from their web site::

The Carbon Reduction Label informs consumers of the total carbon footprint of a product, from raw materials and manufacturing right through to disposal or recycling of packaging. The carbon footprint is measured on a ‘per 100mL’ basis for ease of comparison. The Label helps people understand how they can reduce their own carbon footprint and combat climate change.

By adopting the Carbon Reduction Label, ALDI joins an international list of major businesses committed to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of their products. Planet Ark brought the Carbon Reduction Label to Australia in partnership with its originators, the Carbon Trust.

Measuring carbon emissions at every step of a product’s lifecycle shows businesses where valuable savings can be made to improve the efficiency of their operations. There will be no increase in the prices of ALDI’s everyday olive oil range as a result of the Carbon Reduction Label initiative.

ALDI has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its everyday olive oil range within two years of the Label appearing on the range. The Label is a considerable step towards providing customers with important information about the environmental impact of products, allowing them to make better informed purchasing decisions.

This is pretty good and its good to see Aldi's taking a lead here.


I brought some razors 'Prince Maximum3'

"Blades made in the USA. Handle made in China. Assembeled and packed in Mexico"

I would think that at least 60-80% of this product carbon footprint would be just in travel. This is atrocious. 

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