Saturday, November 13, 2010

80's Rural Christianity

At the time I would have said I was a 'Born Again', reflectively God had always captivated and wooed me.
One of the formative times for me was the Christian lunch meeting which occurred at the private school which I attended. Their wasn't many of us. A handful. It was the usual stuff. Some prayer, some reading of the bible. We where the minority; strangely in a Christian School, (But better known for the most expensive fees in town).
One of the most exciting times for us and the only one I can remember was when we had a convert. She was one of the most 'out there' in the School at the time. Hair which had a dyed streak of pink (or was it Orange). She was a bit of a hippie. Our group had an edge.
I'm not sure where or how she was converted. But introduced to our group was Christian rock music, passion in debate and evangelism.
Sure we where still the minority but we now had a bit of flair.

The introduction of new new people and new ideas has been on of the most important aspect of my Spiritual formation. Hopefully with an open heart, I pray it continues.

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