Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ps3 vs apple tv

Out of despair I got my birthday present early. We had the horror of not been able to connect to the ABC on the old analog telivion so my birthday present was a play station three with Play TV. Play TV is a digital receiver which can also record your shows you want to watch. Now we have ABC 2 when we need it phew!

What amazed me when I was looking around was the 'Apple TV' and the spin they put on it

Apple TV          

Games::    No                    
Television Tuner::No
Stream from the net:: Yes (Via Apple rental $$)
Stream from your Mac (Itunes $$)
Hard Drive:: No
Free to air TV:: No
Cost:: $129 au

From what I can see its a streaming device to your TV plus bridges where apple takes money of you.

Sony P3s

Games :: Yes (Hardware probably the best, although I think wii games are more fun)                  
Television Tuner:: via Play TV, here you can record free to air. No need to rent.
Stream from the net:: Yes, in Australia you get the ABC's iView
Stream from your Computer:: Put "media tomb" on my ubuntu machine. It streams photo's video music (free!) 
Hard Drive:: yes, and upgradeable!
Free to air TV:: yes
Cost:: $599 au


PS3's biggest downfall is it's price. Yet if you look at it as a long term investment its very good value. It wins hands down. So far I've been very happy with it. Yet to buy a game though!

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