Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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I can remember when one of my good friends child was baptised. The message was memorable to me.
The 'Father' in the Anglican Church got up and proceeded to tell us how the days reading from Old Testament book of Genesis was just a story. A genre to help people understand the world thousands of years ago. 
At the time I was incensed. Classing myself as a good evangelical I wondered how he could speak such rot; denying that these story where not true.
Now days my theology is probably a lot closer to this 'Father'. Yet I still think getting up, speaking his position was not sensitive.
I've come across people with simple faith. Where they have an understanding of the Bible as really happening, literal. This in itself gives them great comfort. A shelter. I've often envied these people who don't have the need to probe, ask questions. 
A message which usurps a persons simple faith is a disservice to Christianity. A stealer of grace.
Yet I also think that you can hold the same position as the 'Father', validating both positions of literal and metaphor. Squeezing all the goodness out of a passage to bless all.

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