Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sign Posts

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On Sunday I got to a workshop called "Sigposts", it was run by Bessie Peteria from Oikos and was sponsored by Youth for Christ Oikos Australia and the Well.

Okios is a resource and support for 'home church' and 'Missional groups'.

I think if you like Neal Cole, Frank Viola this is the group in Australia you should be linking into.

Just a few brief notes which I took::

:: Home Church
= Kingdom of God focused
= Get back to what Jesus said and did.
= Aquila and Prescila would have said "We are the Church" not point to a building.
= Shape is a network not hierarchical.
= Covering => It is Jesus not the Church
= Aim house Church "To encourage one another"
= Criticisms => worship, teaching => aim is to be 'learning' in the home church.

It was a good few hours, Bessie is a pretty encouraging person.

If I was a full on evangelical then I'd say this is the 'Biblical' way to travel.  But is it the answer to a Godless country. I'd say no; that no Church/Denomination/System has the answer. I really don't believe that the Church understands our culture.

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