Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I copped my first ear full of MTR the other day. I could instantly understand why they only have an average listener base of 8000 people.  (Close to the lowest you can go)

I thought that Steve Price was a pretty intelligent fellow I'm surprised he didn't think this through, but here are a few reasons they are languishing::
::Happy to promoted as right wing channel, automatically half their listner base has gone
::Jason Ackermanis, controversial yes, respected no.
::Steve Vizard, I'm sure the older talk back audience would all remember Telstra and insider trading.
::Sam Newman, His oozing snide cynicism is overpowering, he needs to stick to footy.

While I was listening the only adds I heard where for voting for "Family Fist", this in itself revealed they are in trouble.

I give them six more months.
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