Thursday, July 22, 2010

Storm and News Limited

It appear that we will never get to the bottom of the Storm salary cap scandal.

It is amazing how the herald Sun is on the nose with this, not really reporting any of this. Not surprising considering it is owned by News Limited. Here is Hinches transcript with Peter Maher

Axed former independent Melbourne Storm director Peter Maher has hit back hit back at today's explosive Deloittes report into the club's salary cap breaches during the 2006-2010 period (report details further down the page).
Maher said he and fellow independent board directors did not co-operate with the Deloittes investigators simply because they were employed by News Limited, owner of the Storm and half-owners of the NRL.
Maher also confirmed the club would've been more forthcoming with information had the independent inquiry been funded by the NRL.
"We would have co-operated with a fully independent inquiry," Maher told 3AW a short time before he fronted a press conference. "We are not privvy to the detail of what's in that report," added Maher, before saying that he has not seen the Deloittes report and never will.
He also admitted the decision on whether to press on with a legal challenge he and other axed directors Rob Moodie, Petra Fawcett and Gerry Ryan launched against the NRL over the way it handled the club's sanctions for salary cap breaches, which included the stripping of two NRL premierships, may not go ahead.

It will be interesting when New Limited and Murdock go bust what will happen to the Rugby. (They run a very tight balance sheet) Considering that they own the and direct the whole NRL. 

NRL is now dead in Melbourne. I used to follow the Storm, now I couldn't be bothered with any of it.

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