Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progressive Christianity and the Environent

Spotted this interesting article from the Washington Post regarding the environment from a progressive Christian perspective. It's worth while reading the whole article...
It's time for a spiritual awakening in which we turn from obsession with future salvation and begin to savor and save the world that we are in. "I came that they might have life and life in abundance," Jesus says in the Gospel of John. Early Christians believed he meant it, here and now. They taught that through Jesus the doors of paradise had been re-opened. Paradise was no longer lost at the beginning of time, or a realm that could be entered only after death or after this imperfect world was replaced by a new and better one. Paradise was all around us, in this beautiful creation, blessed by God. A fourth century Christian baptismal ritual instructed the newly baptized to open their eyes to see "this paradise before us." No less a theological giant than Augustine taught that the seeds planted in the paradise garden have been scattered throughout the whole earth, so that now Eden is everywhere.

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