Thursday, July 8, 2010

The percentages

Working in a secular setting is interesting. After a while you get to know where people sit, if they are aware of the spiritual, their opinion on the Church, Christianity, Buddhism etc etc.

I think as a very rough guide for my co-workers

20% antagonistic toward the Church and very cynical. They usually come out when the media reveals a 'Christian Nutter'. The Bushfires in Victoria was a good example and the 'Nutter' saying  it was God's vengence... Well the ward that I was working on, if you where a Christian you hung low.
Strangely I found it is rare to find an atheist, maybe an agnostic.

60% Apathetic towards the Church. Not really wanting to go, yet thinks Churches and Christians are ok. Possibly the easiest to get into a Church community.
Yet I think there are things keeping them back, they know that they may not scrub up to perceived Christian values and doctrine.  For example they are not married yet living with a partner. They believe that Homosexuals should have the right to marriage.  Clairvoyants are ok they have actually been to a few. They don't believe in a virgin birth.
In truth there a huge amount.

20% Actually go to Church, and talk of Christian things occasionally. Yep I'm in this group, though sympathise with the %60 often.

Out of all of the groups  most are very spiritual, they understand mystery and beauty. The wonder to be alive. Maybe this is a nurses fate where often death can visit those you look after and at the end of the shift you wonder why.