Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Open Theism and Brian Mclaren

Brian McLaren is the classic post modern guy.

Repetativley, yet rightly so he always declines been a spokesman for the 'Emerging Church'.

The other thing is how he often dodges direct questions. Recently he was asked in his question and answer section about Open Theism.

1. God does not determine the future in detail because He cannot know the future…the future simply cannot be known by anyone
I would phrase this a bit differently. I would put it in terms of these questions: What kind of relationship does God want with the universe? What kind of universe did God make?
What a postmodern classic, throwing out another question. Interestingly just like Jesus. 'Who do you think I am?"

Its Interesting Open Theism, like Mclaren writes, does run 'parallel' to the 'Emergent' movement.
After reading a lot of books from Mclaren, especially the new book 'A New Kind of Christianity', a lot of questions Mclaren asks are answered in Clark Pinnocks book "A Wilderness in God's Mercy".
Yet I would say that McLaren while giving round about answers sits in a similar position as Open Theism. Pinnock is more direct as well giving more theological support.
I can understand Mclaren not wanting to be put in a theological box and not wanting to be linked to anyone yet have something in common with everyone.