Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Deal, Rudd.

Interestingly their was a deal on the table on the 23rd of June, with Mr Rudd, Ms Gillard and the others in the Labor leadership group. From the 'Crickey' blog::

Oakes’s question revolved around a claim that Kevin Rudd offered to Gillard to stand aside closer to an October election if polling indicated, and senior party figures agreed, that Rudd was an impediment to Labor’s re-election, an offer Gillard rejected after being told by factional leaders that she had the numbers to topple Rudd.
So what does it all mean?

Julia was hungry, hungry for power.
Kevien was trying to get more time. Rally the troops.

Either way, I think Rudd should have been given another go. While Julia should have taken the reins second term. This in itself would have extended Labours time in power. An agreement like that seems fair. But then again these agreements have happened both sides of politics and usually backfire in someone's direction.