Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good bye family first...

When Mark Latham was defeated in 2004 the 'Family First' candidate snuck under the radar of all major political parties.

Yesterdays agreement by the Greens and Labour appears to mark the end of 'Family First'.

At the 2004 Senate election in Victoria, the Coalition polled 44.1% (3.1 quotas), Labor 36.1% (2.5 quotas) and the Greens 8.8% (0.6 quotas). The Coalition had a clear three quotas, Labor two full quotas, with Labor and the Greens competing for the final seat seat normally won by the left of politics. Labor's preference deal with minor parties was done to get Labor's third candidate ahead of the lead Green candidate. In the end, Labor's vote was lower than expected, and the preference deal with Family First and other micro-parties put Fielding ahead of the third Labor candidate, resulting in Labor's preferences being distributed instead and electing Steve Fielding. Fielding effectively grabbed one of the left's seats.

I can remember in 2004 there was more "Christian" motivation in the election than I've ever seen. Danny Nahlor was on the tick as was Alan Myers from Careforce. It seems with Rudd in 2007 the Labor party made a decicive effort to neurtralise the Christian partys.

In some ways I find the 'Green's' more in line with Jesus bringing in the kingdom. While tradition 'Christian' parties are about 'morals'. Its interesting.

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