Sunday, July 18, 2010

Election 2010

"Game On", as Julia whispered to Tony Abbot, in the last sitting parliament

Well I'll go with the polls and predict this one early and give it to Julia. There have been few good political poles which have not predicted the outcome of elections in the last decade.

But I'll follow along closely. My source like '07 Antony Green on the ABC::

Now what I've found interesting is the electorate which I'm in Flinders and the canditidates. Again from the ABC

The sitting member is Liberal, Mr Greg Hunt

He has been the Opposition spokesman on Climate Change since 2007, a position he is well qualified for, having completed a thesis on whether greenhouse gases are best reduced by taxes, trading rights or regulation.
It would be interesting what he really thought about the 'Carbon Tax' would he have voted for the the tax under the liberal last leader Mr Turnbull.... At this stage I think he would just say the party line. Politician talk.

Adrian Schonfelder for Labour
He was a member of the Liberal Party before joining Labor in 2003.

And the Greens, Robert Brown
...his credits include co-writing 'Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees' with John Williamson.
 What more credentials do you need, perfect.

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