Sunday, July 25, 2010

Egg and Spoon

Good news for coffee lovers. Phillip Island has at last a place that makes coffee which I can recomend.
The "Egg and Spoon", Settlement Rd opposite Mitre Ten. They get their coffee from a small little roaster in Trafalgar Called "Southern Addictions" which we have sourced when we are over in that part of Gippsland.

Ahh two grinders, one especially for decaf. Try finding that in any other place for coffee in Phillip Island!


C.Bean said...

Ahh yes the best coffee by far! and the freshest. it has "bean" a long time coming. Great to see cafes give the small roaster a go, if more cafes would give them a go we would all be able ot have great fresh coffee everywhere!!! thumbs up to the egg and spoon.

sara said...

I also have had a great coffee here. Yes it is great to see cafes giving the small guy a go, if more would stop and look at the quality and freshness of the coffee and not "well what can you give me" attitude then yes we could all enjoy great coffee everywhere.