Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The mobile phone issues after weeks of reading lots of reviews has been solved. I've brought the HTC Desire from Telstra. Here's the options and dilemmas

Google's Nexus One.

PRO's :: Can be updated any time with googles android operating system, pretty good specs.

CON's :: Vodafone plan $79, way to much, coverage including national roaming dosn't work in Leongatha!

HTC Desire 

PRO's :: The twin of the Nexus one, nearly the same phone except for HTC gui, pretty good specs, $49 cap plan pretty good, supprisingly from Telstra, best coverage in the country.

CON's :: Uncertainty of updates to 2.2 android, with Telstra

Samsung Galaxy S

PRO's:: Available for $49 from Optus, Best Specification,

CON's :: Reviews are pretty bad for Samsung's gui on it, no flash,  uncertainty of updates to 2.2 android.

There where also a lot of phones running android 1.6! This is a major downfall great spec machines yet they are using software that is out of date! eg sony expira x10.