Friday, July 16, 2010

Can we fine a better way of viewing the future

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith

Up to the eighth question from Mclaren's 'A New Kind of Christianity' the 'Can We Find a Better Way of Viewing the Future' question.

Mclaren offers a three dimensional approach to end time. One which is expanding. As opposed to the traditional view of evangelicals: salvation and heaven or death.

So what does he mean and expanding approach?

'...there is no single fixed end point towards which we move, but rather a widening space, opening into an infinitely expanding goodness, like air and sunlight into which a tree spreads out its branches. Creation branches out into an ever-widening sphere of goodness, justice and peace...'
 Sounds good to me. It also I thinks it fits with the term ''Kingdom of God"

The other interesting thing is how we define judgement. Instead of the traditional 'Condemnation'. Instead of retributive balancing the equation. It involves 'putting things right',

"...reconciling, not merely punishing; healing, not merely diagnosing; transforming, not merely exposing; revaluing (or redeeming), not merely evaluating"

I like it, but he don't use the word 'Universalism'  or address it. (Unless I missed something)

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