Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Julia the Athiest

Nathan Hobby over in Perth has pointed out a link about Julia Gillard being an Atheist. The article left me with a few questions, most importantly: I'd like to understand how she came to this position coming from a Church background.

I suppose my greatest dread with Julia being an  Atheist is that all Christians who have political agendas in Australia will come out of the closet! (I wonder if Danny Nalliah had any prophesy on K Rudd's downfall.) We will then end up with a real American electoral system. Although Australia has had a few Athiests lead the country Bob Hawke and more than likely a few closet Atheist.

I do belive that having a 'Christian', label is a positive in an election. Implimenting a Christian position is more of a positive for me during an electoral term. So strong social justice, a pacifist position, a strong green component and treating all people with equality is very important. If an atheist such as Julia can implement these policies then I'm ok with her. I doubt either the ALP or the Liberal will bring in an pacifist position, so this then like all elections brings the choice down to the lesser of two evils. I believe that God is big enough to implement his will though Atheist.

On the side. While I think that Kevin is a genuine Christian, I think he went a bit to far with the press conferences outside the Church which he attended! It just cheapened his Christian faith.