Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interventionsist God at Sojourn

Christina's other blog 'Sojourn' which has a more of a theological inclination, gets quite a lot of hits. Her post on the Interventionist God, still gets hits and comments. One such comment was from a Muslim reader about his understanding of a God who intervenes. It was an interesting view...

I rather like adriana’s comment about God giving us what we ‘need’ rather than what we actually ‘want’… and I don’t know if you’ll appreciate a non-Christian-but-theist’s point of view in this matter, (esp one so long!) but thought I should share, if I could.
As Muslims we believe that this world is not really a home for people. It is a place where humans are placed in order to be tested, to see if they worship God out of (yes, I say it) free will. This does come with consequences – when people do not have faith, they are able to act in evil, but simply put, every hardship and suffering is a test. There isn’t a human being that survives to adulthood without having suffered in some way, whether it is at the hands of another human being or some other force, and if God were to remove all the ways people suffer in the world, He would have to do at least one of two things: stop everyone’s loved ones from dying, or stop our ability to love. Obviously we don’t want the latter and as for the former, i think there’s a name for a place like that. We call it heaven :)