Friday, May 21, 2010

Where have all the under 60's gone?

 In the podcast on the ABC's 'Spirit of things' Rachel Kahn asks the question where are all the young people? To a group belonging to  'Progressive Christianity', which originated from the liberal tradition of Christianity. Its a good question and worth considering...

Steve Addison in his blog continually infers that it is the 'liberal' theology which is why these churches are on a rapid decline. I find this answer a bit simplistic with an elitist edge....

He is right, the majority of liberal Churches are in the decline. Yet Overall the church is on the decline. Where there is church growth the majority of it is transfer growth.

My own understanding is that evangelical and Pentecostal churches have been quicker and better at offering a contemporary worship experience. The whole 'excellence', from the music, sermon to the children program makes a difference when done in a contemporary manner.

The other reason is is that 'progressive Christianity' fits better with a latter 'stage of faith', which correlates with age.

Stage 2,3==> Conformity, literalism ==> Evangelical/Pentecostal

Stage 4,5==> responsibility for own faith, acknowledges paradox and mystery ==> Progressive Christianity

I've got to add that what I have put up is a generalisations I've found evangelicals that definitely are in stage 4,5. But on the whole I think it adds up to why there is a lower number of younger people in the liberal churches. Not just because their beliefs are not literal.