Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rusty Springs

Next weekend the family are off to "Rusty Spring festivle" in Dalesford.

The festival is about exploring lifestyle, well-being and spirituality. These things are all interconnected and there’s no expectation of anyone.

Some of the work shops I'm eying are::

  • An exploration towards the meaning of life
  • What's happening when what I believe is not what I used to believe
  • What's all this about Ignatian spirituality
  • Finding Spiritual tradition that is right for you
  • Slow food
And most importantly the *kids* program.

'Solace EMC Inc, the auspicing organization for the festival, is a religious not-for-profit company which has a Christian heritage. Both Christina and myself have been along to Solace in Fairfield a few time so we are looking forward to what is in store. (It will also be nice not having the Vineyard sandwich)