Friday, April 9, 2010

Politics :: Bass

With changing enrollment details, I received a welcome letter and a survey if I wanted to fill out by our local state memeber "Ken Smith". I filled out the survey noting I thought it was a concern with an elderly population which is growing that there were no 24hr emergency or bulk billing medical services on Phillip island. I got an answer to this question::

If the Liberal Party regain power in November this year, we will  be working with the Federal Government to set up a 24 emergency care facility at Cowes to cater for some of your urgent health needs
It sound positives but....
1) The Federal government is Labor. I couldn't imagine them working with the Libs on this one.
2) Health is a State responsibility.
3) I didn't do the typo "24 emergency", I suspect he means 24 hour emergency.  

Now the Federal election is also around the corner, so I wonder what the opposition environment member Mr Greg Hunt offers.