Friday, March 19, 2010

This week in Politics

You can feel the rumblings of an election coming upon us. Strangely even before the election is called a debate is been arranged with Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd. 
As I mentioned previously. I think the governments stratagy will be to do Abbott 'slowly', a reference to Keating and opposition lead by John Hewson. As time goes on the slips will add up, and as the election looms political scrutiny will increase. Abbott will loose his shine.
This was a week in example when Costello former treasurer had a poke at Abbots proposed extended maternity payments. When Abbott speaks about Rudd's 'Big new tax', Rudd will be able point out Abbott's proposed 'Big new tax' with extended maternity payments.

Lastly, our politicians at work.

Liberal Peter Slipper having a quite nap during proceedings. I wish I could do this at my work, I often feel like it.