Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rob Bell and technology

I've always appreciated Rob Bell. He has a way of looking at things which are a bit quirkey and gets one thinking. Even if one dosn't aggree with him, he has made an impact on the Christian landscape. The blog Out of Ur interviewed Rob Bell and he had some interesting things to say about using video technology::

Your NOOMA video series has been popular. What do you think about the increasing number of preachers and churches using video technology to expand their reach?
It's powerful but there's also a dark side. Video is not church. You put images and music on a screen, and people will listen. But it's also dangerous. You're playing with fire. I think video technology deserves to be scrutinized heavily.

It would appear to me that most of the blogging communtiy picked up on the irony of Rob Bell Saying these things. Considering that Rob Bell has really made his name with the DVD series Nooma.
Yet Rob Bell's response is similar to any Christian response to a change in culture. That response is usually a cautiousness boardering on fear. There is a "Dark Side" to any and everything depending on where it takes you.