Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fosters flop

The has reported that Fosters has seen a drop in its beer sales. 

It appears the head has been knocked off Australia's biggest brewer, with Fosters announcing a drop in beer sales and a 13 per cent loss in first-half net profit.

The article blames "Cultural snobbery"

"Certainly the imported beers, people ... are more likely to want to have a Becks or a Heineken in their hand than just the old can of VB or Tooheys," he said.
"So there is that shift because there is a social desirability angle around it.
"It's not that people don't want to be seen with a beer anymore, but it's a beer in a glass or it's an imported beer that is more likely to go down well."

I disagree with the snobbery stuff. Victorian Bitter", or VB is just a rubbish beer. Now that there is more choice in what you can drink. People have discovered heaps of better beers. Here are my list of 5 top Australian beers. That don't include VB.

Cascade pale ale
The Goat, Hightail ale (Used to have this on tap at kellys on the hill...Alas no more)