Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Naked pastor has come up with one of his lists again that gets me thinking. This time on codependency. He aimed it specifically towards the pastor and his Church; although it could be anything including husband and wife.
  1. I believe I can change him.
  2. I depend on his money to live.
  3. I would rather be loved poorly than to not be loved at all.
  4. I believe there is a decent person deep inside of him.
  5. I can’t picture life without him.
  6. I help him. He needs me.
  7. I keep things calm by repressing my true feelings and personality.
  8. I accept that I am called to suffer for this, even though I am often sad or even depressed.
  9. I feel incredible guilt even when I just think about leaving.
  10. I can’t listen to the advice of others to get out. They don’t understand
Its sad but I could see this in a lot of churches. It is in many ways a good judgment of Church health...