Monday, January 25, 2010

Nick Cave and Bono

Bad Seed: The Biography of Nick CaveI spotted this post Bono vs Nick Cave on the Center for public website, by Greg Clarke.

"Both U2’s Bono and Nick Cave put their creative drive down to losing a parent at a young age. That tragedy gave them both a ‘Father-shaped’ hole in the heart that has to be filled with something. Bono says there’s something questionable about a middle-aged man who still needs to hear a stadium full of people chanting his name to know he’s OK. Nick Cave describes himself, using biblical language, as ‘doing the work of his father.
But both Bono and Cave acknowledge that the most significant man in history is not their respective fathers, but Jesus of Nazareth."

Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue 651, March 1993, Bono of U2 CoverI find it interesting that both are often compared. Like brothers, they are examined by Aunties to see who has the strongest gentetic traits of their 'Father'. 


urbanmonk said...

Probably biased myself, but not sure I like the bias towards U2 in that piece:)

Scott said...

Agree with you urbanmonk. I get the feeling the the author wanted 'Bono' on his side!