Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doubt and Bible college

There was an interesting post on Doubt on Scot McKnight's web site of a person who is experiencing doubt with his faith while going through bible college.

Recently, I suddenly, for no apparent reason, felt "jolted out of my Christian worldview", and I suddenly find it really hard to believe in existence of God anymore. It has been 3 months since I have felt this way now and I have done my best to trace through my intellectual struggles. I don't really know why... 

It sounds a desperate place. The comments are also worth while looking at.

In reflection initial Bible college expectations are never really fully realized.

I can remember the first day when in a group we were asked what were our reasons for signing up. Most, didn't really know. I expect they thought they would end up in some employment with the Church. I think I said I felt called to church plant. One guy who was probably just been honest actually said he was looking for a wife...

Now five years after graduation and knowing a few other graduates. A number have lost their faith. A few have begun 'alternate' life styles. Only one is in 'paid' Ministry. And yes the honest one did get married, but not to another 'graduate'!

I think just as people who have huge emotional issues often study councilling (Yep anecdotal, but it seems that way to me). I also think that those who search deeply for God will often be found in Bible college. You will also find in Bible college those who want there spirituality to fit nicely in a box. Just like an Apple mac is packed.

During Bible college and afterwards.

If you are a searcher, you will always be searching.
If you like your life to fit in a box, it will be unpacked. Rarely put back the same way. (Although the mate in 'ministry', still appears a snug fitting box.)