Friday, December 18, 2009

I wish I was given the option...

I wish I was given a few options when I was growing up within the Church. It seemed to me, at school as well as at church, there was only one answer to how the world began as a Christian. Creationism. I wish some one could have stopped and said 'Hey Scott' there are a few solutions to your pondering.
I've settled now on 'Theistic evolution", for the moment. Seems to fit and is regarded by most mainstream denominations as a viable option of belief for Christians.

Here is part of the blurb from the good old Wikipedia on theistic evolution::

Theistic evolutionists argue that it is inappropriate to use Genesis as a scientific text, since it was written in a pre-scientific age and originally intended for religious instruction; as such, seemingly chronological aspects of the creation accounts should be thought of in terms of a literary framework. Theistic evolutionists may believe that creation is not literally a week long process but a process beginning in the time of Genesis and continuing through all of time, including today. This view affirms that God created the world and was the primary causation of our being, while scientific changes such as evolution are part of "creatia continua" or continuing creation which is still occurring in the never ending process of creation.

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