Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What I've been watching and listening

The ABC has had a few really good programs.

Evenings with John Cleary "Theodicy How to make sense of a God in a world where evil happens".

This was a pretty interesting episode. Yet I got the impression most of the guests were of a evangelical nature. Even though from differn't denominations! I probably would have liked a fair bit more diversity. Never the less very interesting.

Compass: "Anglicans Sydney style".

I always thought myself as a product of Evangelical Anglicanism. Yet I can see I'm not quite there in regards to Sydney Anglicanism. Watching I got the impression that Sydney Anglicans feel like they are persecuted a bit for there more fundamentalist approach to the bible, that it is even to be expected! (I personally like to think that think that persecution also occurs for sticking up for injustice!) I suppose it just reinforced what I had already heard and thought in regards to the beliefs of Sydney Anglican beliefs:: Father, Son and Holy Bible.

You can watch the program here

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