Thursday, October 15, 2009

Power in the hands of the audience

The ABC Chairman had a bit of a go at Rupert Murdock, I really liked the phrase "Power in the hands of the audience". It sums it all up.

In a speech on the future of media in Melbourne last night, Mr Scott compared the News Limited boss to a "frantic emperor" who is trying to control the media as he always has, unaware that his power is long gone.

He says the power is now in the hands of audiences, and only those who realise the rules have changed will survive.

I made the same point a while ago. Every time Rupert pops up, he is making the same threats. I'm going to charge!!! I just hope he does soon, because no one will pay. I don't think that Rupert realizes that anyone can now become a journalist. Sure there will be a lot of crud journalism out there but occasionally there will be gems. I've found a few. These gems have there ad-sense going so if they keep writing they will be payed. Just not through traditional media.

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