Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No preacher man for us!

Georgie Pilcher from the Herald Sun, has written an article which describes how couples would rather a civil ceremony rather than a Church ceremony.

Some of the reasons ::

"The idea of a god blessing their relationship isn't relevant to them," she said.

"People are saying 'it is up to us, we are committing to each other and not to God'."

Dosn't surprise me really the article. Its just another indication of how religion mainly Christianity is loosing its standing in society. Yes folks we are living in Post-Christendom.


Anonymous said...

I would actually consider the opposite possition to be the more weird: How many athiest couples have church/priest weddings because of family expectations.

Scott said...

Yep I've actually seen the opposite for a funeral. That an athiest wanted a christian funeral so as not to upset his family!
Hey Garath how about an "angus" review. I actually thought of you when I ate one.