Wednesday, August 26, 2009

leadership ::2, 'The itch in Church'

This is a bit of a follow up from my previous post so to get the context I'd recommend reading it.
One of the reasons, apart from 'consumerism' that some people move on from church is that there is the leadership uncomfortable itch. That current leadership does not have the capacity, for innovation within their own set of vision, mission or what ever they call it statement. That the leadership often feels threatened if the ideas and impetus don't radiate from the top! Therefore there is uncomfortableness and someone moves on.
Once we had a great guy coming along to our church who didn't quit fit. It took a while to work out why. When his itch was identified and he was given the freedom to scratch the itch, I discovered he actually didn't have the capacity to implement what was missing, in a sad way it was easier for him to move to a church which already had this stuff going on. (The strange thing was this person was perceived as a leader because he went to bible college, but really he was a manager, but more on that later)
I would go on to say, to have true apostolic leadership the 'Itch', needs to be present, with the capacity to implement whatever.

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