Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Karma, Icon....

I spotted this image on my daily reading of 'Mac Talk, Morning news'. It has a differnt picture of Steve Jobs every day. What caught my attention was "Your stealing- it's best not to mess with Karma".  I'm not sure of the context of the photo or the text imprinted on it. It looks like somthing that I could Steve Jobs approving. He has for a long time messed around with eastern philosophy.
After reading Steve Jobs biography "Icon", I came to the conclusion, that Jobs is ruthless. A man that in the board room if he didn't get his way could blow up. 
China Labor Watch, which monitors Chinese factories and is based in New York, blamed Mr. Sun’s death on “Foxconn’s inhumane and militant management system, which lacks fundamental respect for human rights.” The group said it published an in-depth study of Foxconn last year, detailing its abuses.
Yes Watch your Karma!!!!

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