Monday, August 10, 2009

Frank Viola, Re-imaging Church, Chapter 5

The core idea in this chapter is  based around the metaphor  used the most in the bible for the church, “Family”. A number of scriptures were used, to illustrate the point. Essentially I think Viola is spot on.
There are a number of implications if we take this metaphor seriously. The most important is the implication of business models of churches. Classically the “CEO” models of leadership and structure of church. Where the Church is producing a commodity and to do so certain “minisrtys”, of which are lead by the best and brightest are needed to implement.
I do believe that the bigger the church the more good systems you need. Especially in regards to discipleship. That somehow the ‘family’ metaphor has to be found among the crowds. In many ways it is a harder process. 
Ranges now is at that stage where because of size, ‘Family’, is not that easy without some deliberate process.

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