Friday, August 14, 2009

Crazy love: Overwhelmed by a relentless God, by Francis Chan

Its interesting when you read a book and realize how far you have progress or changed in your faith. Once upon a time I would have read this book and thought it was great because I agreed with it all. Admittedly I didn't actually read the book, I listened to it for free on
Just a few thoughts....
Found it quite limited in how the use of the work "heaven", "Saved", were used. I would actually prescribe to using the language of "Kingdom of God". That heaven is actually at hand. Otherwise we can go down a dualistic mentality. 
Chan asked the question "Do obsessed people think about heaven constantly?", what sort of question is that! (I actually re listened to this) Is the carrot heaven? this to be obsession heaven?
There is a fair component of the book which is pretty negative. If your struggling with your commitment now well, you might as well feel guilty about it and read the book.
There are parts which are positive. A call to radical faith. Yet I'm not sure I was convinced with the practical outworking. Is it possible to have a radical faith without heading off to India. Or downsizing your house, giving 30% to your church? Yes, I think there is. The first step is hanging out where Christians don't go. For example. Examining your life and thinking, how many non-Christians are really my friends. Do I really want to know what makes them tick....That is pretty radical for a Christian club. Its a lot harder than just hanging out with the poor and thinking you have it all together in an air of superiority.
So yes the message was good, yet the application missed it for Mr and Mrs average I think.
Would I recommend this book? No.

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