Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ranges Coffee

Ok, maybe not the greatest photo, but it was one of the best coffees that I've made on the Rancilio. The espresso pours have been constantly pretty good now that we have got the hang of things.
One thing which we have changed is the coffee. We have found a little coffee wholesaler about 2km from us. (Yes we can walk) Ranges Coffee. Here is the blurb about the coffee which we have been purchasing.

The Best Fairtrade organic decaf. A blend of Bolivian, Guatemalan, and unwashed Sumatran grade 1 Arabica, decaffeinated at SWISS WATER in Vancouver Canada - and the flavour is sensational!
Yep got to agree with that.
I think one of the reason it tastes pretty good is because there is a fairly large turnover. Most places that sell decaf coffee the product has probably been sitting on the shelfs for ages.
Ranges Coffee sells to a few cafe's around the hills and I'm lead to believe the pig and whistle. Though good coffee is only half the story. You get a fool making a flat white with the best beans in the world, you might as well drink international roast. Thus I don't drink coffee at the pig!

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Neal Taylor said...

Do Ranges have regular ft coffee? Non decaf in otherwords.

BTW - pic looks inviting!

Scott said...

Ranges Church uses fair trade 'Jasper' coffee. The 'Ranges Coffee' is the wholesaler. So, no decaf at church, and certainly no decaf message!

christina said...

Neal - Ranges Coffee - as in the coffee not anything to do with our church(!) have a range of blends that are non-decaf - and very good I might add. I like "moka kiss"

Neal Taylor said...

LOL - Thanks guys! I did mean the coffee guys but I am pleased you use the fair trade coffee for your gatherings! Shalom!