Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A look into "Mega Church"

One thing I'm quite interested in is the "insiders" look into the 'Mega Church". Neal of at Hand to the Plough", put me onto the "Thinking Theologian" an x-staffers take on the mega church phenomena. The Thinking Theologians was gone for a while and now he is back. Here is the reason::
In early May I was contacted by a Hillsong pastor, with whom I discussed this blog and my motives behind running it.
Whilst it was admitted that Hillsong are unable to close down the blog, I nevertheless voluntarily took down the content; to show willing in maintaining a healthy, constructive dialogue with the Hillsong leadership.
I have since had several conversations with the leadership, in which I voiced my various concerns regarding Hillsong. I remain convinced, however, of the very evident need for frank and open critique of Hillsong’s culture, systems, and world-view.
I have therefore re-posted The Thinking Theologian, and advised the Hillsong leadership of my intention to continue the blog.
So far it doesn't have the bitterness that you couldn't help feeling from Tania Levin People in Glass Houses. Roughly on the same subject.

I might add that I think the mega church is an important part of the Christian landscape. They can make a huge difference. That concerns need to have a place to be aired even if it is public! I think the bigger the church the greater transparency needs to be. Not only by those inside and part of the church, but those outside. Open the books everything!

(Update I've noticed that thinking theolgian has deleted a lot of his posts, you can still read them in google reader if you add the blog address to the reader, good old google and cacheing)

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