Saturday, July 25, 2009

Interconectivity of justice

Steve Hamilton, who at times comments over here, made a guest appearance on Ken Wilsons blog, a Vineyard Pastor in the US. His heading was 'Interconectivity of Justice.'
How poverty, injustice, environmental issues are interconnected. I had in the last couple of months been made aware of this through the video and website 'The Story of Stuff".
Steve, has gone a bit further, making the 'Story of Stuff' a bit more personal, reflecting on countrys and people groups.

The primary cause of Haiti’s environmental degradation has been caused by Haitian’s need for energy. With an electricity sector that only covered 10% of Haiti’s population in 2006, chronic energy shortages have contributed to Haitian’s search for alternative sources of energy. Unfortunately for Haiti’s natural environment, wood became and continues to be the principal energy source for most of the populace, accounting for 70 percent of energy consumption in 2006. This has directly impacted the environment with the steady deforestation with an estimated 6,000 hectares of soil lost each year to erosion.

I also liked Steve's prayer at the end:

my soul is in torment
my spirit like the torrent of many waters

raging rapids fomenting within
the recesses seething and undulating

like a storm in my soul

let Your exploit overflow
let my life and my hands be Yours
let my actions flow from Your heart

let it be so, O Lord, let it be so…

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