Sunday, July 5, 2009

Frank Viola, Re-Imagining Church chapter 1

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So this book from what I’ve read is welcomed and more positive than Franks previous toxic book ‘Pagan Christianity’. I’ve tackled the first chapter and thought it was good, so I’m going to attempt to summaries each chapter….
Pursuing the dream of organic Christianity, Frank Viola
1) Reimagining the Church as an Organism
I was really pleased that the books main assumptions are based on the Trinity. That the Church is built in the image of the Triune God. That in that relationship is the dance between the Father Son and Holy Spirit. That relationship is one of the key elements for the Church. I was pretty impressed that Frank quoted Kevin Giles for a lot of this section. Kevin is an Australian theologian. (I think we have a book of his on subordination within the Trinity). Viola argues that the Spirit of mutual relationship within the Trinity has been usurped in the modern Church.
Command -style relationships, hierarchy, passives spectatorship, one upmanship, religious programs, etc were created by fallen humans. And they run contrary to the DNA of the triuene God as well as the DNA of the Church…’
Viola then looks at four Paradigms for Church restoration.
Biblical Blueprintism, Cultural Adaptability, Postchurch Christianity and then finally Organic Expression. The Last Organic Expression is what Viola hangs this book on.

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