Friday, July 3, 2009


Well I've been stuck inside today, still sick. So I've had a bit of time to work on one of my long term projects putting up my own blog on blogger. I chose blogger mainly because I think I'm pretty proficient at wordpress. So my impressions so far: Wordpress wins, no doubt about it.

I can only think of two real positives of blogger over wordpress
  1. adsense. No I don't think any money is to be made, but it is worth looking at. You can get this going on wordpress, but it is more fiddly. You can't if you use as host.
  2. Google analytics, this works straight away on blogger. You can get it going on wordpress but not on
One of the areas which I found really annoying was just putting the header image. Wordpress does the cropping. Blogger well you have to find a program to do this. Most of the recommendations online were "Photoshop". I luckily discovered a "photoshop express" online version. This is a real big bonus especially if you don't want to depart with your money. It did a bit more than wordpress as you would obviously expect.
The other thing thanks to Christina was the discovery of Creative Commons on Flickr. I found the photo "fear of rurality" , by a character called "Mugley" which had the lisence that anyone share or remix.
I'm pretty happy so far how things are looking.

There are way to many positives of wordpress, but I'll keep pushing on with blogger and give things a fair go before I go back over....

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